No third podium in a row (after Watson in Russia and Geerts in Latvia) for Kemea Yamaha at the grand prix of Germany, in Teutschenthal. Nevertheless, the Belgian team left the Talkessel circuit with a good feeling. Ben Watson finished fourth and came closer on Olsen in the world championship MX2. The injured Jago Geerts (10th) showed strength of character and determination. Anthony Rodriguez (14th), who rode his first grand prix for Kemea, improved session by session.

The eight round of the world championship MX2 took place on the hard-packed and hilly track in Teutschenthal. Overtaking has always been very difficult at this longtime classi venue. Therefore, the starts are always very important at the German grand prix.

Ben Watson was quick out of the gate in the first moto and was following the top three riders the entire race. The Briton came close on Calvin Vlaanderen a few times, but whatever he tried, he could not overtake the South-African.

Watson was struggling in the beginning of the second moto – he lost two places after a solid start – but managed to come back to fourth place. As in the first moto Watson was putting a lot of pressure on Vlaanderen, to achieve an overall podium. Ben was clearly faster, but couldn’t pull off a final pass. Two times fourth, a fourth place overall an fourth in the world championship: it left Watson with mixed emotions. On the one hand, he was a bit frustrated because he just missed a spot on the podium. On the other hand, he was satisfied with his two solid races and gaining 14 points on Thomas Kjer Olsen in the world championship.

Jago Geerts, who was already carrying an ankle injury (left), had bad luck during the qualifying race on Saturday. The Belgian teenager crashed and injured his right calf (tear). Luckily no fracture was detected at the mobile clinic, so Geerts could start in both motos on Sunday. He was on damage control, fought off the pain (and also sickness) and took as many points as possible. A tenth place (12+10 in motos) was a very good performance, considering his injuries.

Anthony Rodriguez, who is replacing the injured Vsevolod Brylyakov, made his debut for Kemea Yamaha in Teutschenthal. The 22-year-old Venezuelan, who just completed the East Coast Supercross in the United States (ninth overall in 250cc), needed some time to adapt. He made a lot of progression from the first free practice till the final moto. With a 14th place overall Rodriguez (16+13 in motos) can look back on a decent first GP for his new team.

#919 Ben Watson
4th overall
“Fourth. Again. I’m having mixed feelings. On the one hand, I have to be satisfied with two consistent motos, with the points I’m gaining on Olsen in the world championship. On the other hand, I’m a bit pissed that I missed the podium again. I got a taste of the top three in Russia and I want more of it. I knew I needed to finish third in the second moto to get on the overall podium. I was getting really close on Vlaanderen a few times. I was faster, but couldn’t pass him. To be honest: this track is pretty boring. with this type of ruts it’s almost impossible to pass.”

#193 Jago Geerts
10th overall
“My weekend didn’t start well with a crash in the qualifying race on Saturday. At first I was afraid that something was broken, but luckily it was only a muscle tear in my calf. During the motos it didn’t bother me that much, only when I had to stick out my right leg. Luck was not on my side. Between the motos I became sick. I had a fever, felt miserable and had to fight the pain. I managed to finish inside the top 10. That’s positive, considering all the problems I had this weekend. This is also part of the learning process I’m going through.”

#127 Anthony Rodriguez
14th overall
“It’s not so easy to switch from supercross to motocross in one week time. You need a bit of time to adapt to the team, the bike, the track, the competition… I got a lot of help from our crew. They made me feel at home immediately. For me it was important to improve each session. I think I managed to do that. Yet, I could have done a bit better. In both motos I was fighting hard at the end to gain one or more postions, but it was very difficult to overtake on this circuit.”

Marnicq Bervoets
Team manager 
“I’m very happy with the performances of our three riders. Of course, we wanted Watson to step on the podium. Ben fought like a brave and tried everything to pass Vlaanderen. So, we can’t be disappointed. He did put in two solid motos and took some important world championship points. Well done. The same can be said about Geerts. Jago came to Teutschenthal with an ankle injury, suffered another injury on Saturday, had a poor starting position and became sick between two motos. Still, he managed to finish tenth. Great job. Finally, Rodriguez did pretty well in his first grand prix for Kemea. He was improving session by session. That’s promising.”

Results MX2
First moto 
1. Pauls Jonas (Lat/LTM)
2. Jorge Prado (Esp/KTM) +0:01.421
3. Calvin Vlaanderen (RSA/Hon) +0:03.062
4. BEN WATSON (GBr/Yam) + 0:04.047
5. Henry Jacobi (Ger/Hus) +0:30.914
12. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) +1:02.111
16. ANTHONY RODRIGUEZ (Ven/Yam) +1:14.530

Second moto
1. Jorge Prado (Esp/KTL)
2. Pauls Jonass (Lat/KTM) +0:05.017
3. Calvin Vlaanderen (RSA/Hon) +0:10.067
4. BEN WATSON (GBr/Yam) +0:11.950
5. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Den/Hus) +0:25.126
10. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) +1:00.888
13. ANTHONY RODRIGUEZ (Ven/Yam) +1:06.970

1. Jorge Prado (Esp/KTM) 47
2. Pauls Jonass (Lat/KTM) 47
3. Calvin Vlaanderen (RSA/Hon) 40
4. BEN WATSON (GBr/Yam) 36
5. Jef Beaton (Aus/Kaw) 29
10. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) 20

World Championship classification
1. Pauls Jonass (Lat/KTM) 351
2. Jorge Prado (Esp/KTM) 329
3. Thomas Kjer Olsen ‘Den/Hus) 288
4. BEN WATSON (GBr/Yam) 246
5. Jef Beaton (Aus/Kaw) 203
7. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) 160

Next race: May 27, Gooik, Championship of Flanders

Images by BAVO