Jago Geerts has given Kemea Yamaha its first victory of 2018. On Easter Monday, the 17-year-old Belgian won the Dutch Masters in Oldebroek (2+1 in motos). The former junior world and European champion impressed a lot of people in Holland.

Geerts took a flying start in the first moto, but a small crash allowed Vlaanderen to take the lead. Geerts chased the South-African the entire race, but wasn’t able to pass him. Geerts decided that there was no more room for mistakes in the second moto. The young Belgian took the holehot, made a gap and controlled the race till the end. His first victory of 2018 was a fact. Nice bonus: Geerts is also the new leader in the Dutch Masters MX2.

Ben Watson finished fifth in the first moto, but had to withdraw in the second moto after he hit his knee. Fortunately the damage is not too bad, so the Briton will be ready to race the GP of Italy next weekend. The third Kemea Yamaha rider, Vsevolod Brylyakov, preferred to do some training sessions this weekend.

#193 Jago Geerts
“My first victory with the ‘big boys’. A nice feeling. I felt already pretty good during free practice and knew that a good result was possible. My second moto was perfect: holeshot, nice gap and victory. One minus point: that small crash in the first heat. I could restart directly behind Vlaanden, I put pressure on him all race, but the track was too small and difficult to pass. But of course I have no reason to complain, the overall result was great. Now we are heading for Italy. One of the most difficult tracks of the world championship. That’s a big challenge.”

#919 Ben Watson
“In the second moto I had a collision with Fernandez, while fighting for third place. I crashed and hit my knee. I had a lot of pain and decided to stop the race. Fortunately, my knee seems to be okay now. A few hours after the race I was walking around again. So, there are no doubts for the Grand Prix of Italy next weekend. That crash was a pity because finally I had a good feeling in that second moto. Completely different with the first moto. I finished fifth in that first moto, but wasn’t satisfied at all. Bad start and not enough pace.”

Team owner Hans Corvers
“Our first victory of 2018! Great. Geerts was without any doubt the strongest man of the day. Without that small mistake in the first moto he would have won both motos. Jago impressed a lot of people today. Including me. Of course I already knew that he’s very talented, but the way he dominated today was impressive. Victory and leader in the Dutch Masters: this was a perfect day for Geerts. Unfortunately, Ben Watson was a bit unlucky today. He crashed in the second moto, hit is knee and decided to take no more risks. Apparently the injury is not too bad, so he will be able to race in the Grand Prix of Italy next weekend.”


First moto
1. Calvin Vlaanderen (SAf/Hon)
2. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) +1.651
3. Jed Beaton (Aus/Kaw) +43.700
4. Adem Sterry (GBr/Kaw) +48.497
5. BEN WATSON (GBr/Yam) +50.321

Second moto
1. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam)
2. Calvin Vlaanderen (SAf/Hon) +11.155
3. Thomas Covington (USA/Hus) +31.186
4. Ruben Ferandez-Garcia (Spa/Kaw) +32.598
5. Adam Sterry (GBr/Kaw) +44.337

1. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) 47
2. Calvin Vlaanderen (SAf/Hon) 47
3. Thomas Covington (USA/Hus) 34
4. Adam Sterry (GBr/Kaw) 34
5. Jed Beaton (Aus/Kaw) 34

Classification Dutch Masters
1. JAGO GEERTS (Bel/Yam) 82
2. Jed Beaton (Aus/Kaw) 74
3. Calvin Vlaanderen (SAf/Hon) 69
4. Davy Pootjes (Ndl/KTM) 65
5. Thomas Kjer Olsen (Dan/Hus) 50
11. BEN WATSON (GBr/Yam) 31

Next race: GP4, Pietramurata, Italy

Images Eric Laurijssen